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October 12, 2021 3 min read

With the trees turning bright orange and the weather getting cooler, it's the ideal season to spend time with your love. From romantic strolls in nature to cozy nights snuggled up by the fire, there are so many ways to plan the perfect date. So to help you with brainstorming for your next fall SaturDATE, here are ten fall date ideas and there's no reason not to try them all!


Creating Halloween Costumes and Decorations

While Halloween isn't traditionally a romantic holiday, it can be if you make your costumes together. A pair of sexy skeletons or ghosts in love? You will for sure make a lovely (and freaky) couple this Halloween. If you are not feeling crafty, you can even just go costume shopping to your local party store and have fun trying them on!


Hot Cocoa By The Fire

Is anything more romantic than snuggling up by the fire with your partner, enjoying long conversations and each other's company while sipping on hot cocoa with marshmallows?It's simple, iconic and oh so romantic. Make sure the firewood is stocked, light the candles and don't forget the cozy blankets.


Taking A Walk in Local Park

Romantic walks together are lovely during any season, but fall puts on a show that is hard to beat. There is something about wandering along forest trails that are adorned with a carpet of orange, yellow and red hues. Make a date because the stunning colors never last long! You can even pick up pumpkin spice latte on the way to keep you warm.


Seeing The City By Night

Everything looks prettier at night and there are so many romantic spots to enjoy the metro lights and have some romantic moments together. It might be from a rooftop bar, a dinner cruise on the water, or at a fancy restaurant with the best table by large windows overlooking the city.


Trying A New Restaurant

There's a reason so many couples go out for dinner for their first date. It's so romantic! Trying a new restaurant is a way to bring back those loved-up feelings you had in the early days of dating.


Couple Spa Treatment

A couple's spa date is very intimate and romantic. Indulge in the relaxing experience together that will help you connect mind, body and soul. You can even make your Spa night at home! Have fun shopping for bath bombs, candles & massage oils. Then just turn on your relaxing playlist, light up the candles, fill up the bath and get ready for a private relaxing night from the comfort of your home.


Baking Together

Nothing bonds couples like getting messy together in the kitchen. You can bake apple pie, make pumpkin soup or be adventurous by cooking a new Italian lasagna recipe. Whatever you cook up, it's sure to be fun as well as romantic. So light the candles, turn on your favourite playlist, open a bottle of wine and enjoy your delicious meal together!


Weekend Retreat

Surprise your loved one with a date that goes all weekend long. You might explore a new place or go somewhere familiar and stay in the hotel all weekend watching romantic movies and indulging in lovely wine and food.


Shopping For Fall

It's time to think about sweaters, scarves and warm woolies. Everyone needs a few new pieces for the wardrobe each season. So why not choose outfits for each other? Or buy matching accessories. It's so cute and romantic!


Cycling In The Countryside

Get the heart pumping with an energetic bike ride in the countryside. It's a charming way to spend a few hours together surrounded by the romantic vibes of colorful trees and fresh fall air. You can even stop for pumpkin spice latte in the local coffee shop!


I always say, no matter what we do as long as we're together. But cherishing the season and planning some quality time together makes us feel connected to nature and to each other. Surprise your other half or plan a fun fall date together! If you decide to do any of these, make sure to tag us on Instagram at @myhandmadeweddingco, I would love to see cute photos from your fall date!

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