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November 11, 2021 4 min read


Cozy winter date nights call for hot cocoa & Christmas PJ’s! Let’s be honest…hot cocoa is one of the most perfect warm beverages there is. Still, even with perfection, it can’t hurt to add a little something extra. Wes & I got quite bored of classic hot cocoa, so we decided to experiment with different flavours. I had no idea how delicious it can be if you add extra spices or liquor to your favourite hot cocoa!

Here is 10 hot cocoa inspirations just for you my dear romantic hot cocoa lovers. Just get the fire burning in your fire pit or fireplace and snuggle up with your other half as you make your very own hot cocoa tasting fest!

 1.The PSL obsessed

There is more to pumpkin season than pumpkin pies & Starbucks PSL. If you are looking for a warm drink for cool fall evenings then, treat yourself to a hot cocoa with a pumpkin spice hit. You can use real pumpkin if you like to blend in and make it extra rich and creamy. Or you can cheat with pumpkin spice seasoning and add a warm and soothing undertone to that chocolatey bliss.

2. Christmas in Hawaii

Unlike the person who jumps for joy with the first snowfall, you need a little more coaxing. Hot cocoa will certainly help, but let’s boost that mood so you’ll look at the sunny side of things this season. There’s nothing like coconut to bring on the tropical vibes, so add sweetened, shredded coconut to your hot cocoa. Need something more intense? Pour in a little rum and you’ll soon feel like you’re on the beach, luxuriating away.

 3.The Christmas Elf

Christmas countdown is on! How could we decorate the house & listen to Christmas music without sipping on classic Christmas-style hot cocoa? Adding a little peppermint oil to your hot cocoa as it heats up gives it that mint-chocolate taste. Top it with whipped cream and you’ll be one merry elf for sure. Not a mint person? Add eggnog instead of milk when making your cocoa and finish it off with a little grated nutmeg on top.

 4.Summer vacation

If you are feeling winter blues and wish to bring a little bit of summer to chilly winter days - this hot cocoa will get you reminiscing about your last summer vacation!

Florida oranges have the potential to make your hot cocoa full of summer flavors. Zest the peel and add it in with the milk while heating, then add your cocoa mixture. Whipped cream with more orange zest on top completes this summer-loving hot cocoa creation!

 5.The Coffeeholic

Can’t get a move on without your coffee? Combine it with cocoa for a win-win. Simply put a shot or two of your brewed espresso in with your cocoa. For an after dinner treat, drop in a little Kahlua and you’ll power through conversations with even the most difficult of relatives.

6.The Feisty Fiesta

Make your hot cocoa with un poco inspiration from Mexico. All it takes is a little cinnamon and a pinch of chili flakes to liven your cocoa creation up a bit. Then, before you pour it all into your mug, drop in a dark chocolate square and let the hot cocoa melt it up. A cinnamon stick makes for the final addition, allowing you to stir in that rich, melty chocolate.

 7.True Canadian

Yes you can use maple syrup for more than just pancakes! This adds a uniquely sweet note to your hot chocolate that everyone will love. For grownups, a little Canadian whiskey makes this a fun way to catch up after dinner.

8. The Health Junkie

Don’t feel guilty about a well-deserved treat! Instead, tweak your hot cocoa with good-for-you ingredients. Using almond protein powder, you can give this drink extra nourishment without sacrificing flavor. Add cinnamon and top with marshmallows or whipped cream if you want the perfect cheat!

 9.Salty Santa

When you feel like you want something sweet but salty, then your hot cocoa needs a salted caramel finish. Pour caramel sauce into your awaiting much, then add the hot chocolate. Whipped cream is glorious along with more caramel, but the real magic happens when you sprinkle just a little pink Himalayan sea salt on top for a contrast of salty and sweet in one.

 10.The Candy Crush

Last but not least, we can’t forget about all you witches and goblins that can’t wait for haunted houses and trick or treating. Mostly, it’s so you can snag your favorites out of the candy bowl, like those peanut butter cups. For your hot cocoa, drop in smooth peanut butter and vanilla extract as you heat your hot cocoa up. Finish it with whipped cream and salted, chopped peanuts for an extra crunchy treat without any tricks!


Now that you’ve got inspiration for your hot cocoa, there’s nothing better than getting into the spirit of the season. Pull out your cozy blankets, turn on your favourite Christmas movies & enjoy some romantic time with your other half. If you are looking for some fine hot cocoa - make sure to check out our hot cocoa spoons! Locally crafted by famous chocolatier Temper, these hot cocoa spoons are so tasty & smooth AND make perfect stocking stuffer!

PS: If you try one of our hot cocoa ideas - make sure to tag us on Instagram at @myhandmadeweddingco and let us know which one did you enjoy the most




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