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February 09, 2022 6 min read

Romantic couples activities for quality time together 

Don’t we all need to slow down and enjoy the present moment with our loved ones more? When we are not busy working or running errands, we get distracted with electronics. Today I am bringing to you 20 quality time date ideas & couple activities, which will help you to reconnect with yourself and each other! Put your phones away and get back to basics - the best memories are usually made during ordinary days when we are just spending time with our loved ones and having fun.

Here are our favourite quality-time date ideas:

1. Finally Plan Your Weekend Retreat

We spend too much time dreaming and talking about it, but when was really the last romantic weekend retreat you went on? Spend your date planning your next romantic weekend getaway! These are the days we were looking forward to when we were younger, now is the time to live them to the fullest!


2. Gratitude list

There is so much to be grateful for. Having loving partner to share our life with is true blessing. Take this opportunity to express to your partner how grateful you are for him/her - literally spend the eveningwriting each other's gratitute listand read them out loud.


3. Taking A Long Walk Together

Romantic walks together are lovely during literally any season! Wear your comfy runners, take a coffee to go and just enjoy a long walk together. You can even sit on the bench and soak up the sun during sunny days.


4. The Classic Romance

Dress up, cook together your favourite pasta with wine, turn on candles and enjoy long dinner conversations savouring the moment and reminiscing on your favourite memories together.


5. Seeing The City By Night

Everything looks prettier at night and there are so many romantic spots to enjoy the metro lights and have some romantic moments together. It might be from a rooftop bar, a dinner cruise on the water, or at a fancy restaurant with the best table by large windows overlooking the city. Really, when was the last time you did this?


6. Trying A NEW Restaurant

There's a reason so many couples go out for dinner for their first date. It's so romantic! But after a few years we somehow always end up in those same 3 restaurants for a date night! It’s time to bring real dating times back and try a new restaurant again. It’s a lovely way to bring back those loved-up feelings you had in the early days of dating.


7. Couple Spa Treatment

Spa date is always a good idea. Indulge in the relaxing experience together that will help you connect mind, body and soul. You don’t always need to break the bank, you can even make your Spa night at home! Have fun shopping for bath bombs, candles & massage oils. Then just turn on your relaxing playlist and get ready for a private relaxing night from the comfort of your home.


8. Start Couples journal

Don’t we all need to slow down from everyday busy craziness? Starting a couples journal will not only help you to pause & reconnect with each other but also will spark meaningful conversations. You can just create a ritual of journaling together or you can buy actual journals for couples! You can find your favourite couples journal here.


9. Baking Together

Nothing bonds couples like getting messy together in the kitchen. You can bake your favourite cookies or finally try some of those recipes you keep saving on your Pinterest! Whatever you cook up, it's sure to be fun as well as romantic. So light the candles, put on your aprons, turn on your favourite playlist, open a bottle of wine and enjoy your time together!


10. Candle-lit yoga for 2 at home

Connect on a spiritual level infused with love during a relaxing couples yoga session. Your body will thank you for this! You can find lots of online lessons geared towards couples. Or try our favourite yoga instructor on youtube for relaxing yoga sessions! All you need is comfy clothes, towel, candles & warm tea to enjoy afterwards.


11. Make Pizza from scratch

Thecouples who make pizza together stay together. Open your favourite bottle of wine & turn on romantic jazz & have fun making the dough from scratch, adding heaps of toppings and eating pizza together. You can even make it extra special by trying to make your pizza in the shape of a heart. Make sure to have your favourite pizza take out number close by just in case it won’t turn out edible!


12. Romantic Cycling Afternoon

It’s time to finally pull out those cute leggings you said you will wear on a bike one day! Or perhaps it was a dress? Bike ride during sunny days is such acharming way to spend a few hours together. Stop in your favourite coffee shop and share sweet pastry together or just take your bikes for a short ride in your favourite park!


13.Picnic in Your Living Room(Or park during warm spring & summer days)

There is just something so romantic about picnics. You can make it as grand or as simple as you want. Pick your favourite treats, appetizers & wine and enjoy long conversations together!


14. The Real Movie Night at Home

Make the real cinema popcorn together as you get ready to watch your favourite romantic movie.Snuggle up on the sofa & share the big bowl of popcorn so your hands can touch when you reach for the buttery popcorn, just like the old days at the movie theater!


15. Candle-lit Bubble Bath 

Surprise your love by running acandle-lit bubble bath and putting the champagne on ice with chocolate dipped strawberries. Put away electronics for night, turn on your favourite jazz & enjoy relaxing evening together.


16. Make Gallery Wall or Photo Album

You know those photo albums our parents have? How nice it is always to go through them and reminisce on good old days? We all have so many digital photos on our phones and computers that never were printed or displayed! Spend time looking at the old photos and this time actuallymake a photo album or even gallery wall in your home! It’s such a fun project to do together.


17. Blindfold Treat Tasting

Take turns to blindfold each other and sample delicious treats like strawberries dipped in chocolate and mini cookies infused with vanilla and sea salt. Incorporate your partner's favorite flavors as a thoughtful touch.


18. Take-out with the twist

Order from your favorite restaurant and set the scene with some matching music and decorations. You might have Indian music playing with all the bright linens out or maybe be elegant with some French cuisine and fine wine.


19. Game Night

We never feel like pulling out that board game from the cabinet, but when we do, it’s always so much fun! Put your phones away, open up the bottle of the wine and have fun competing in your favourite board game!


20. Read together(Or to each other)

Whether it’s something you are both passionate about, or just a new novel or relationship book - this is the queen of spending quality time together. We always have a few books on the nightstand that we read again and again - if you still haven't read 5 Love Languages- now is the time.


I always say, no matter what we do as long as we're together. Surprise your other half or plan one of these date nights together! If you found inspiration here for your new couples activity or ritual, I would love to know! Please send me a photo or message on Instagram at @myhandmadeweddingco.

Much love,


Creator & owner of My Handmade Wedding Co

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