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February 09, 2022 4 min read

15 Romantic stay at home Valentine’s day date ideas

With Valentine's Day coming up, it's the perfect time to reconnect with your love! If you find yourself searching for a last minute Valentine’s day idea, you are in the right place. I’ve got you - I’ve put together 15 Valentine’s day ideas which will keep you connected and set your hearts on fire.

Some are oldies but goodies and others are modern takes on classic date nights that you might have enjoyed many times before. You can bring your own creativity and spin into it! The most important thing is that you have fun as you spend some quality time together.

The best part? These date ideas are all totally romantic home activities, so you don’t even have to leave the house or break the bank!

  1. The  couples who make pizza together stay together. Open your favourite bottle of wine & turn on romantic jazz & have fun making the dough from scratch, adding heaps of toppings and eating pizza together. You can even make it extra special by trying to make your pizza in the shape of a heart. Make sure to have your favourite pizza take out number close by just in case it won’t turn out edible!

  2. Nothing says romance like a  couple's spa session, so put your electronics away for the night and make your bedroom your own personal love haven. All you need is essential oils, candles, soft music & each other!
  3. The classic romance - dress up, cook together your favourite pasta with wine, light up candles and enjoy long dinner conversations savouring the moment and reminiscing on your favourite memories together.
  4. There is so much to be grateful for. Especially if you are celebrating Valentine's day with the love of your life. Think of everyone who just dreams about this in their life! Take this opportunity to express to your partner how grateful you are for him/her - literally spend the evening writing each other's gratitude list and read them out loud.
  5. Make the real cinema popcorn together as you get ready to watch your favourite romantic movie.Snuggle up on the sofa & share the big bowl of popcorn so your hands can touch when you reach for the buttery popcorn, just like the old days at the movie theater!
  6. Surprise your love by running a candle-lit bubble bath and putting the champagne on ice with chocolate dipped strawberries. Set your temperature gauge to soft and romantic or hot and steamy!
  7. Baking together is a lovely way to connect and make something tasty you can enjoy together. Recreate dishes you enjoyed on vacations or whip up a classic batch of chocolate chip cookies to share.
  8. Connect on a spiritual level infused with love during a relaxing couples yoga session. You can find lots of online lessons geared towards couples. Or try our favourite yoga insructor on youtubefor relaxing yoga sessions!All you need is comfy clothes, towel, candles & warm tea to enjoy afterwards.
  9. We all have so many digital photos on our phones and computers that never were printed or displayed! Spend time looking at the old photos and this time actually make a photo album or gallery wall together and remember all the good times you had along the way.
  10. Turn your living room into an oasis of love with fluffy blankets, pillows and a roaring fire. Put your phones away, just enjoy sipping on glass of wine while enjoying each other's company. It's a comfortable evening of being together that you can do any night of the week!
  11. Take turns to blindfold each other and sample delicious treats like strawberries dipped in chocolate and mini cookies infused with vanilla and sea salt. Incorporate your partner's favorite flavors as a thoughtful touch.
  12. Be his muse and put on a sexy outfit so he can paint your picture. Rate the masterpiece highly, no matter how it turns out. Don't foget to swap places!
  13. Playboard games with a twist.We never feel like pulling out that board game from the cabinet, but when we do, it’s always so much fun! You can even make Valentine's day rules for your favourite game -the loser has to lose a piece of clothing until someone is naked? Possibilities are endless, it is your night, make it fun.
  14. Renew your wedding vows in the living room with nobody there but yourselves. It's a romantic event that is so free and relaxed without any guests or photographer around to make you feel nervous. Share the news on social media the next day to give everyone a big surprise.
  15. Play hide and seek with some love rewards for finding each other in record time. This adult version of the oldest game can be so much fun!

You really don’t need to do or plan anything fancy to have a truly special time together. Sometimes the best memories come from doing the most ordinary things with people we love! Hope you found here a last-minute date idea for your V-day night and that you will look like a rockstar having this romantic evening all planned out!

Have fun & talk soon,


Owner & creator of My Handmade Wedding Co



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Valentines day date ideas at home

Valentines day date ideas at home

Valentines day date ideas at home

Valentines day date ideas at home

Valentines day date ideas at home

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