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December 20, 2021 2 min read

Will you be my bridesmaid - Christmas bridesmaid proposal party


You said YES to the love of your life and now you are thinking about asking your girl friends to join your bridal party this holiday season. Is a Christmas bridesmaid proposal party a good idea and should you only do it if you are planning a Christmas wedding?


Here is what you need to know about bridesmaid proposals during the Christmas season:

  • It’s just logistically practical

Some may say Christmas bridesmaid proposals are cheesy, I think they are magical and practical! You are likely going to see your besties during holidays anyways, so why not throw a Christmas bridesmaid proposal party with your best girl friends?If not all girls can make it in person, you can always send them a gift with a personal gift note from you and ask them to open it over a zoom!

  • You will save money on decorations

Compared to the other seasons of the year, your house will already be decked up with a Christmas tree, Christmas lights and sparkles which sets the beautiful background for photos without having to worry about party decor. It won’t take a lot to get your home party ready and you will take some adorable festive photos with your girls as you are celebrating this special moment together. You can just make a hot cocoa bar, order your favourite cake & pop some bubbly and your girls will certainly feel extra special!

  • Unique gift options

Lastly, the Christmas season brings a variety of unique and practical gifts for your bridesmaids, which you can include in your bridesmaid proposal boxes. To name a few - bridesmaid Christmas ornaments, candy treats, candles, socks, personalized hot cocoa mugs - options are endless and fit perfectly for the cozy season of the year!

If you are looking for some practical and personal bridesmaid gift ideas - make sure to check out the link below to our bridesmaid proposal collection.

Get inspired by Christmas bridesmaid proposal party I prepared early this year with adorable details and decorations below. Have fun and happy Bridesmaid proposal planning!

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Christmas bridesmaid proposal box by My Handmade Wedding Co

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Christmas bridesmaid proposal party

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Bridesmaid proposal gift by My Handmade Wedding Co

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