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I can't imagine more difficult time to plan a wedding. It is almost impossible without couple of total meltdowns followed by a massage, chocolate binge, bottle of wine and long bubble bath. Like planning a wedding during regular circumstances would not be stressful enough, now we have pandemic and constant changes to worry about on top of all the wedding decisions.

But with positive attitude, glass of champagne, your love by your side and useful information you will navigate the tricky challenges pandemic might throw at you. No matter how this wedding planning journey will look like and how many changes will happen, you found love of your life and you will have the most beautiful day together when it comes.

I interviewed our wedding planner Linda Marshall and she shared these valuable tips on how to navigate wedding planning during pandemic:


One of the choices is to go ahead with smaller wedding on your original date and postpone big party for next year.

Aside from being romantic and affordable, a small wedding keeps your loved ones safe. Plus, following the government rules and recommendations is essential. So being flexible, open-minded and accepting of all outcomes will have you stay sane. But even if you plan a small wedding, there is a chance you might have to change the date. So let's walk you through what that might look like.



It is important to keep in touch with your venue and vendors, so you know their needs and requirements and they know yours. By now, many wedding professionals have been working under Covid restrictions for some time, so you can rely on their expertise if you feel unsure.

If you do need to set a new date, check which vendors offer refunds and which only offer date changes. To keep costs down, give several dates to reschedule so you can cross-reference availability and choose a day when the venue and most of the vendors are available.

If you have hired an external wedding planner, they will help you set a new date with everyone and know the latest rules. Hiring a professional wedding planner is recommended in the best of times. Your wedding planner has all the skills imaginable, including styling, budgeting, organizing, negotiating and being a therapist at times. You will feel so much calmer that there is a professional who will make sure all vendors are up to date with changes.

Wedding planner will also know how to execute the perfect socially distanced ceremony and make sure reception seating layouts are considered and managed to keep everyone safe. Socializing safely and celebrating love in the time of Covid - it's going to make a great story if you have grandkids one day.



Now when the venue and vendors are organized, it's time to talk with your guests. If you have already sent out invitations for a specific date, and it is now looking unrealistic, let them know asap. If you look on Etsy, you can find many templates for changing the date, postponing indefinitely or covering just about any situation. Using a digital form of communication is very helpful here! You can tell your guests that celebration will happen but not on the original date planned. You can explain in message to your guests that it is for their safety and health that you have come to this decision.

By now, we are all used to constant changes caused by pandemic, so as long as you keep your guests updated, you should not worry too much about hurting anyone’s feelings. You can also create Facebook group or text group for all your guests and share updates there. There will be many guests excited for your big day and seeing their constant support will make you feel better.



Navigating the emotions if you need to change your wedding plans will be hard on you as a bride and also as a couple. It is okay to feel sad, unmotivated, or even angry. This is time to express your feelings to your partner, closest family and friends, they are here to support you. Also make sure to pamper yourself as much as you can. In the end this is your special time, don’t let outside circumstances make you feel any less special than you deserve !

Pull out your “future hubby & future wifey” sets and enjoy this special time with your fiance little longer. Maybe now you will also have time to sneak in some more DIY projects, games or decorations to prepare for your big day.

Always remember that you have found the love of your life, and this big hurdle you are experiencing together is a part of your love story and will create even stronger bond for you as a couple. One day you will be reminiscing in your rocking chairs about that time you got married during a pandemic. Who does that? Wild souls in love - that's you!

Hope reading this already made you feel better. Now take some time to pamper yourself and relax.


Talk soon,



Most of the helpful tips for this blog post were provided by our wedding planner Linda Marshall. Linda was first wedding planner in Whistler BC and planned over 1035 weddings during her 26 years in wedding industry. Linda (Whistler Wedding Planners & West Coast Wishes) will make sure that you can stay calm and focus on enjoying your precious time while everything else is taken care of !

Photographer: Rania Urban,

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