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It’s really happening, you are getting excited for your engagement photoshoot. I remember how excited and stressed I was before our engagement photoshoot, it was the first time when we were taking professional photos together. It ended up being such a memorable experience! There are few things you need to know before your photoshoot to make sure you will have the best time and that you will absolutely love the whole experience. Here are my tips which helped me to get ready for our photoshoot, I hope it will make you feel ready, confident and excited for your photoshoot day:



Get excited for these special moments by creating a Pinterest board filled with engaged couples, which will be so handy when the day comes! Pay attention to different poses, locations, photo props and outfits. Possibilities are endless and if you think upfront what you would really like, you can plan and really elevate your photoshoot experience and results. You can also take a look into our Pinterest, we already created couples photoshoot boards for your inspiration.



Look at your engagement Pinterest board and see what kind of photos you like the most ? We chose a fall photoshoot and really wanted to have a nice fall foliage in the background. We were then brainstorming our favourite parks, browsing “engagement spots” in our city and asked our photographer for input. Park we chose had a beautiful background and forest walk, which allowed for a variety of photos and wasn’t very busy either, which is another thing to consider when choosing your location. We also did a mini shoot at home and it turned out so adorable! Options are endless, you can literally make it whatever you wish!


Draw inspiration from your engagement Pinterest board and decide on your color scheme. Keep in mind that your photos will look the best if you both feel comfortable during the photoshoot, so if you choose clothes which make you feel good, you will definitely feel more relaxed than wearing something not so comfortable “just for the looks”. You can also make it extra special with matching engagement sweatshirts. or Tshirts.

When it comes to individual clothing pieces - choose colors which complement each other but are not exactly the same. Make a date out of it and try your outfits at home in front of the mirror to make sure the final outfit looks like you imagined. Also discuss with your photographer how many outfits you can bring and change for a photoshoot. You can always choose a simple outfit and bring a variety of scarfs, hats & accessories to change it up !  



You can make your photoshoot more fun with a few “future wifey” & “future hubby” photo props. We decided to pick a hot coffee on the way to our photoshoot since it was quite a chilly day and I ended up just writing on them with a sharpie “Mrs to be” & “Mr”. Nowadays there are so many options - from wine glasses, tumblers to even personalized mugs!


Booking your hair and makeup trial for your engagement photoshoot will make you feel so much more excited and confident. Even if I didn’t do exactly the same hair as for my wedding day, it made me feel confident and comfortable around my wedding stylists. Plus I felt a lot more pretty during the photoshoot. We ended up going for a romantic dinner afterwards and it was just one special and memorable day for both of us.


Hope this helps you to get ready for your engagement photoshoot and that your day will be at least as awesome as our was. I would love to hear from you if you used any of these tips and even see your favourite engagement photo from your day - you can reach me via messages in our IG (@myhandmadeweddingco)


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