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No matter how many wedding professionals you hire and how hard you try to enjoy this special time, planning a wedding stress-free is almost impossible. There are questions to be answered and everyone is looking at you for the final decision. What matters to you, may not matter to your fiancé as much as you would hope for or his expectations may be completely different than yours. Not even mentioning family from both sides who are trying to fit their ideas into yours. You might find yourself in silly arguments you never thought would happen before and it may cause stress not only for you, but also for your relationship as a couple.

First of all, know that it is completely normal and almost every couple is going through the same wedding planning rollercoaster. I thought that my guy is the most easy going person on the planet until we were discussing how our wedding details would look like. We used to go on dates on Friday and Saturday and now we spent that time wedding planning. I missed the fun connection between us and those careless days. The wedding planning often felt like a chore for both of us! Luckily we found a new routine that brought us closer together and hopefully you can find inspiration in that for your wedding planning journey too.


Here are few tips how we turned our stressful wedding planning to fun time together: 



Whether it is meeting your florist, wedding planner or venue - make a date out if it. After you do what needs to be done, grab a coffee together and explore the area - maybe there is some beautiful park to go for a walk or cute local shops you have never seen before.Or maybe you can go to a new Italian restaurant in the area you have never been before together. This way your wedding planning meetings will turn into new adventures, which you will both be excited for.



It is so easy for conversations to slip to “wedding topic” all the time. Having boundaries when you absolutely don’t discuss this topic will make your life feel more like “old normal”. Perhaps you can arrange that during breakfasts or dinners you simply don’t mention the wedding and you can both schedule in time when you on the other hand talk about wedding only. Utilize this scheduled “wedding planning time” to make as many decisions as you can together, so you feel like you are progressing with your long wedding planning list.



No matter what is going on, finding time to be in the present moment with each other is what keeps us close together with our partners. The best way to get the wedding of your mind is to find an activity you both enjoy - you can either sign up for couples exercises, meditation, start coffee & walk routine or simply plan a special dinner when you both dress up.



Lastly, remembering what you love about your partner instead of focusing on his inability to help with your wedding planning, will help you big time! Get back to simple love notes and messages during the day, communicate with each other and focus on the reason why you are getting married more than on the wedding day itself.

I hope this was helpful for you friend, I would love for you to let me know what is your routine or tricks on how to stay connected with your partner during stressful times - you can always find me in my mailbox or instagram at @myhandmadeweddingco

Talk soon & much love,



how to stay connected during wedding planning

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