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June 11, 2021 4 min read

I am so excited for you! I remember the feeling when we got engaged and dream I played in my head million times finally came reality. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of this moment and it was finally happening. Planning in my mind how everything will look, the dress, walking down the aisle, the first dance, everything! And now it is your time and I feel so happy for you. Wedding planning is an exciting process, scrolling through Pinterest wedding ideas, visualizing everything and daydreaming 24/7. This exciting time is filled with so much fun, laughter, happy tears and to be completely honest, probably even little bit of anxiety. When we got engaged, I literally search in google “I am engaged, now what ?“. Those beautiful dreams needs to be brought to reality and it is easier if you have some sort of plan to follow. Here is few steps I put together for you (that I wish I knew before planning my wedding), to ease the whole process.

1. Tell your parents

As soon as they hear “we are engaged”, they will be over the moon. They were probably waiting for this moment for some time. You will enjoy their love and support more than you know. Plus you will get helping hands and trust me, they will be handy!

2. Include your fiancé

You don’t have to feel that it is all your burden to carry, include your future hubby and have some fun together creating Pinterest board of your dreamed wedding. Not only it will be fun, but it will also deepen the bond you two share.

3. Get organized and set a budget

Now the money talk. This is probably the least enjoyable part of wedding planning, but incredibly important. Make a date of it to make it more fun and talk openly how much you can / want to spend on your wedding. This will create the foundations for your wedding planning. Oh yes! Personal suggestion – don’t forget to get a bridal planning book in which you will keep your ideas organized. This will help loads in keeping track of your spending too. I got mine on Etsy, you can find there many cute personalized wedding planning books. Lastly, consider hiring wedding planer or coordinator, it will take tons of pressure off your shoulders, especially closer to your wedding day!

4. Choose your theme

You probably already created your wedding Pinterest board and if you haven’t now is the time. Pick hints from your regular lifestyle, hobbies, interests, etc. This will help you determine the venue and decor details!

5. Pick your perfect venue

When you are browsing for the perfect location, have your style and dreams always in mind. Think of these questions when choosing your venue : Is it summer or winter wedding ? Indoors or outdoors? City or nature? A word of advice though, book the venue first because it will cost you almost half your budget. Also by having booked the place, you will easily build the rest of the tasks.

6. Decorations & Flowers

After you book your dream venue, think about the decor and flowers. If you decide to hire wedding planner, this will be a lot easier with their professional help. But “good old Pinterest board” is life saver if you want to show your vision to florist or decorator. Are there things that you want to DIY? Vendors to be booked? Maybe you need to look for some hand lettered rental pieces from local artist if you wish to have wedding full of beautiful details. Draft your ideas and put them in writing.

7. Asking the bridesmaids and groomsmen

Think about it, who are the most precious people in your lives that you want them side by side on your big day? I am sure the names are already in your head as you read this! You can ask them to stand by your side as soon as you announce your “we are engaged” moment or a bit later on. If you decide to do it a bit later, you can get creative with pretty personalized invitation gifts! That will surely make them feel extra special and excited for your big day.

8. Wedding dress and groom attire

I am sure you have thought about the dress so often am I right? How you will walk down the aisle with the dreamiest gown… all eyes turned on you. Now it is the moment to buy that bridal dress you have been dreaming of! Call your girls, book your appointments and have fun day choosing your dress.

9. Book a wedding photographer

One thing I don’t regret at all is having wedding photographer on our wedding. Sure your family will be taking lots of pictures, but having professional photos to create your beautiful gallery wall in your new home is priceless. Plus everyone can just relax and have fun knowing that those precious moments will be captured. Be sure to book your photographer early, since they usually book up pretty quickly! Consider having engagement photshoot too, you can then have nice memory and include your photos in save-the-dates.

10. Self-care time

Last but certainly not least, take care of your wellbeing. Wedding planning can get pretty obsessive. Just remember to breathe and enjoy this special time. It is no fun if you stress about little details. Spend some time with your partner doing something totally disconnected from weddings. This will help you enjoy the engaged period without feeling pressure all the time. Go on a date, organize some relaxing activities, or book a weekend getaway to unwind - just the two of you! Also think about booking spa day before your big day, it will help you to relax and get mentally prepared.

I hope these wedding planning tips will help you enjoy both the “we are engaged” period but also the planning process. If you need some beautiful and unique wedding inspiration, be sure to follow us on Instagram!



Photographer Emma Culling :

Make up: Jasmine Hoffman :

Hair: Faye Smith :

Location: Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver, BC


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