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June 16, 2021 4 min read

You said yes! And you are going to have the most amazing journey over the next 12 or so months planning your wedding day. From choosing the perfect florist and the caterers, to picking your dream dress and bridesmaids – it’s literally going to be your dream come true! As much as you will probably be stressing to stay organized, there is also so much fun involved! Besides "the BIG day", there are other fun events to celebrate this special time with your loved ones and I prepared little time line for you, so you can get excited and start planning !   

1. Engagement party

When: Within 1 to 3 months into the engagement

Your engagement party is typically one of the first times in the wedding planning timeline you’ll get to celebrate your big news with all of your loved ones. It’s a very special moment, and can be thrown in however style you choose. It could be an engagement brunch with your closest friends and family? A casual BBQ in your aunties’ backyard? Or a formal dinner at your favorite restaurant? Or even a BYOB group zoom call from comfort of your home ! Decide on the vibe early, and discuss it with your family and friends. Traditionally, the bride’s parents throw the engagement party, but this is 2021, so if you want to organize it yourself, go for it! And this is the perfect time to start scouting for bridesmaids. Involve your possible candidates in all of the planning, and see how they cope with the pressure! From sending out invitations, to chasing up RSVP’s and dressing the tables – there are lots of opportunities for them to help, and inspire you.

2. Time to pop the question - Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

When: 8 months before the wedding (roughly)

You’ve said ‘yes’ to your fiancé, and now it’s time to pop the question to your bridesmaids! These girls (and guys) have been with you through good times, and the times you’d rather forget, but they’ve always been there. And so, they deserve a treat. A surprise that lets them know that you care, and that you want them there on your biggest of days. Many brides choose to create special package for their girls as they ask them to be on bridal party. You can get creative and diy your own package or choose from variety beautifully curated and personalized boxes online. (In this case, don't forget to check our bridesmaid proposal collection to get some inspiration)

3. The Bridal Shower

When: 2 to 6 months before the wedding

Now you’ve got your best girls and guys decided, it’s time for my favorite part in the wedding planning timeline, the bridal shower. Because this is the day that a bride’s closest friends and family join together, and shower her with gifts! Typically, this is a daytime event, and should be organized by your maid of honor and bridesmaids et al. Unless it is a surprise party, the bride can be involved, but try to leave most of the planning to your bridesmaids. That way there’s still an element of surprise! One area it is good to be involved in, however, is the guest list. Decide on that together, as that will determine the true vibe of proceedings.

4. Bachelorette Party

When: 1 MONTH TO 1 week before the wedding (if you’re brave!)

What was once considered the final night of freedom, is now a celebration of womanhood. It’s a night of jubilation with your closest girls that can be low-key and casual in your hometown, or non-stop partying on the beach until sundown. Much like the bridal shower, the bachelorette party is also typically organized by the maid of honor and bridesmaids. But this time there are no rules. Which can be dangerous! So if you don’t want to be dragged from club to club with a shiny sash over your shoulder, make that crystal clear from the start. But also let them know what you do want to do. This is a big moment for your bridesmaids, and they’ll be keen to get the experience just right, so it’s ok to give them some pointers. The same applies to the stags too (bachelors), but they probably won’t listen!

5. Rehearsal Dinner

When: 1 or 2 nights before the wedding

The rehearsal dinner is traditionally the last item on the wedding planning timeline, and is thrown by the family of the groom. As this is usually the first time both families get together officially, it’s important to make it special, and also set the tone for the rest of proceedings. This is not to say it needs to be formal. But if you have a clear theme running through your big day, it’s a good idea to keep all major moments cohesive. A good rule of thumb is to probably choose a casual affair. Many of these close friends and family may have been travelling for a while, or have only just met that night. So keep things light, and intimate, and that will alleviate any pressure they may feel. Plus you’ve been planning this wedding all year! You deserve a night letting your hair down too.

Hope this was helpful for you! I remember literally searching everything on google and wish I would know all of this prior our wedding. I could not miss this part in my wedding blog. If you have any questions or suggestions for next wedding blog posts - please send me message on our Instagram at @myhandmadeweddingco, I LOVE suggestions !

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